Head of School Message

Welcome to Lakecrest – St. John’s Independent School. Students, parents and other interested website visitors are encouraged to discover the “Lakecrest Advantage”.

Lakecrest provides an enriched curriculum which consists of a blend of several educational standards and curricula. Government of Newfoundland and Labrador provincial standards and curriculum provide a foundation for teaching and learning. Grade Kindergarten to six enrichment themes, as defined by the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program provide opportunities for students of all nationalities, academic backgrounds, and interests to experience the enjoyment of enrichment and learning through inquiry. Also students in grades seven to nine can move into advanced study in certain subject areas. Additional Canadian and international educational standards as defined by the Canadian Association of Independent Schools and the International Baccalaureate Organization ensure that Lakecrest provides a full educational experience leading to the development of the “whole person”.

The implementation of the above standards and curricula ensure that Lakecrest is a community of successful learners. Teachers use well researched teaching strategies and pedagogy to ensure that students are seen as individuals each with a distinctive learning style. Student assessment informs instruction, thus ensuring that every student has the opportunity for success. This ensures that high grade level standards and benchmarks are achievable.

In the supportive environment provided at Lakecrest adults and students express their ideas, consider, reflect, suggest and congratulate, encouraging the personal development of every student. School administration, parent committees, teachers and community representatives work together to ensure that Lakecrest provides best education possible.

If a school visit is possible consider the opportunity to view classes in progress and personally experience some of the wonderful educational opportunities at Lakecrest – St. John’s Independent School.

Robert Pittman
Head of School