Home & School Association

We think of the Lakecrest community as a family.

The Home & School Association plays a major role in supporting the school community. Through their efforts, the entire school comes together to support the academic and extra curricular needs of the school as well as providing an opportunity for everyone in the Home & School family to enjoy themselves.

Home & School Association meetings are held once a month and the times and dates are posted on the Lakecrest Calendar.

The Home & School Association is a wonderful way to make friends and to get to know your child’s school. Home & School projects are many and varied and they require your volunteer time and talent. We invite all parents to get involved in some fashion to assist the school throughout the school year.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Home and School Association, please email Ms. Jenny Barker.

Home & School Association Executive Board
President Ms. Jenny Barker
Vice-President Ms. Katrina Thorarinson
Secretary Ms. Yolanda Sheehan
Treasurer Mr. Farid Miri
Director Ms. Sarah Philips
Recycling Coordinator Mr. Paul Veber
Classroom Parent Coordinator         Ms. Gillian Chapple
Member      Ms. Donna Hickman
Member Ms. Susan Drover
Member Ms. Linda Rowe
Member Ms. Christine Walker

Class Parents
  • Kindergarten | Jennifer Sturge and Karen Whalen
  • Grade 1 | Nicole Nell
  • Grade 2 | Michelle Young and Craig Simons
  • Grade 3 | Shannon Weitzel
  • Grade 4 | Jelena Hogan and Martina Baker
  • Grade 5 | Kim Groves
  • Grade 6 | Janet Goodall
  • Grade 7 | Kelly Ann Marshall
  • Grade 8 | Janet Goodall
  • Grade 9 | Charmaine Reddy
  • Grade 10 | no class parent