Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has the important task of promoting excellent governance through supporting the Head of School, Teachers and students in achieving the best and being the best for Lakecrest.  Lakecrest Board of Directors is comprised of current and alumni parents, and professional persons from the St. John’s community that have an interest in serving for the good of our school development.

Board of Directors
Chair Mr. Karen Whalen
Treasurer Mr. Farid Miri
Member Mr. Robyn LeGrow
Member Ms. Ronalda Walsh
Member Mr. Toby Barnes
Member Dr. Paul Dancey
Member Mr. Liam O’Brien
Member Ms. Katrina Thorarinson
Member Mr. Jeff Lloyd
Member Dr. Carlos Bazan
Member Dr. Amy Warren
Past Chair Dr. Liam O’Brien
Home & School Rep         Ms. Jenny Barker (Ex Officio)
Head of School Ms. Natalie Hollinshead (Ex Officio)
Honorary Member        Mr. John Carter (Ex Officio)