UPDATE | February 16, 2021 — Click to view the new Lakecrest Strategic Plan 2020-2025


Lakecrest develops internationally minded learners and leaders, in an educational community of excellence.


Lakecrest Independent School aims to empower students to be effective, independent learners who are principled and confident in their abilities and actions within the local and global community.

  • An enriched program provides for the full academic and personal development of each student.
  • Expectations for students, faculty and staff are supported to ensure full learning potential is achieved.
  • Every student is entitled to an equitable share of the teacher’s attention.
  • A safe, orderly and respectful environment is essential to a positive learning experience.
  • Student evaluation is multifaceted and its purpose is to inform instruction and positively motivate students.
  • Parents and the extended community contribute to the learning experiences of students.
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