Faculty & Staff

Lakecrest Faculty

We are proud to assure parents that no matter what class their child is in, he or she will have a strong teacher which will allow the opportunity for each student to perform to the fullest of his or her abilities.

All members of the Lakecrest Faculty hold Teaching Certification graded by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. While their teaching backgrounds are quite diverse, there is a consistency in their high expectations and thorough professionalism in the classroom.

Ms. Katherine Bishop Kindergarten  
Ms. Patricia Spurvey . Grade 1  
Ms. Susan Adams Grade 2  
Ms. Sherry Reid-Paul      Grade 3 Library Coordinator
Ms. Debra Sharpe Grade 4  
Ms. Bronac Gallagher Grade 5  
Ms. Natasha Hart Grade 6 / Junior High Art Assistant PYP Coordinator
Ms. Lisa Browne Peters    
Junior High French/Modern Languages | Social Studies
Ms. Lisa Dove      Junior High Mathematics
Mr. Mike Gruchy      Junior High Language Arts | Social Studies
Ms. Angela Warren     K-10 Drama, Music & Choral Teacher
Ms. Cathy Carroll   K-10 Physical Education | CAIS Coordinator
Mr. Jeffrey Foran  
K-10 Information Technology | Science

Lakecrest Staff
Ms. Anne Gillingham             Admin. Assistant | Office Manager
Mr. Ron Doyle Cleaner
Ms. Sharon Rumsey Cleaner
Mr. Matt Barrett Information Technology Administrator

Ms. Gina Parsons
K-10 Head of School
Ms. Lisa Dove   Assistant Head Junior High | PYP Coordinator
Ms. Patrica Spurvey   Assistant Head K-6
Ms. Lori Caines Learning Resource and Support Coordinator – K-9