Back to School Tips for 2019

Back To School

New Beginnings

We hope that, just as it should be, summer has been relaxing, fun and full of great adventures with family and friends! In a few short days, school will officially be back in session when our Lakecrest students arrive on Tuesday, September 3, for our first day of classes. Whether you are a new or returning family, it is a great pleasure to welcome you to Lakecrest for the 2019-2020 school year!

The Lakecrest Community

Lakecrest students are so very lucky to be part of a community where teachers, students and parents work collaboratively to nurture personal, social and academic growth. At Lakecrest we strive to empower students to be effective, independent learners who are principled and confident in their abilities and actions within the local and global community. We recognize the uniqueness of each individual child and work hard to acknowledge and foster their academic goals and personal needs, and to build upon their strengths and develop areas of improvement. To achieve this, our entire community works together, keeping the best interests of our students first and foremost in mind.

‘Expert’ Advice for Back To School

We understand that it can be hard to let go of the last days of summer for everyone (parents and teachers included) and start school again! When preparing to go back to school this year, here are some key pieces of advice to keep to keep in mind from our very own Lakecrest “experts” that might help make the transition a little easier.

Lakecrest Primary Students

“I grew a lot over the summer so I needed a new uniform. We also got shoes and a new critter book bag.”

“You could practice doing some homework on sheets of paper at home and don’t worry about going back to school- just roll with it!”

Lakecrest Elementary Students

“I spent a little time everyday this summer reading to get ready for the next school year.”

“I started playing some online math games because I wanted to refresh some of my math skills before school started.”

“I think it is important to lay out my things for school and to organize myself to help prepare for a good school year.”

Lakecrest Junior High Students

“I prepare for back to school by setting some academic goals for myself for the new school year.”

“I find that it is important to get back into a more “normal” routine before the school year starts. Usually I will try to start going to sleep earlier and wake up at a set time in the weeks leading up to back to school.”

Back to school
Gina Parsons, Head of School

Lakecrest Teachers

“I spend a lot of time over the summer trying out new, exciting art projects to explore with my students. I also go back through my planners and think about some new ways to approach topics. This year, I am focusing on mindfulness education with my students and I have a whole year of experiences planned.”

“I always love this time of year! I look forward to meeting those smiling faces on the first day of school. To prepare, I enjoy learning about new ways to engage my students and I love setting up my classroom to make it a welcoming environment that encourages learning.”

Hit the Ground Running

By following some of these key pieces of advice, we are sure that you will be ready to start an awesome new school year!

Gina Parsons
Head of School, Lakecrest Independent School

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