The Lakecrest Board of Directors is a duly constituted body charged with the responsibility to create policy and monitor the operation of the school to ensure that the ends of Lakecrest are being met to a suitable standard. The By-Laws of the Lakecrest Board of Directors contain the guidelines within which it operates and these By-Laws outline the procedures and regulations related to the election of Board and the carrying out of their functions. The Lakecrest Board of Directors is comprised of parents of students currently attending the school and of a designated number of community representatives appointed by the Board. Ex-officio members of the Board include the President of the Home and School Association and the Head of School. The terms of Board members are arranged so that each year a percentage of the seats on the Board conclude while other members continue until the end of their terms in a subsequent year. Elections are held at the Annual General Meeting of the Lakecrest Board of Directors with the nomination process being carried out according to the By-Laws of the Board.

The Lakecrest Home and School Association supports the aims of the school through its work in organizing volunteers to carry out various functions. These functions include fundraising, the School Lunch Program, the Class Coordinator system, and the facilitation of special events. The Home and School Association provides an invaluable support to the school through its work. The Home and School Executive is elected each year at the Home and School Association Annual General Meeting.

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