Lakecrest is committed to maintaining the optimal educational environment for our students.  This includes maintaining reasonable class sizes. While the Board sets general guidelines for class sizes, the Board also gives the Head of School the discretion to expand the class size if he or she feels that in the circumstances it will not adversely affect the educational experience of the other students in the class. 

The guidelines for class sizes and the area of discretion of the Head of School in this regard are:

 GradeGuideline for class sizeDiscretion of the Head of School to expand to
Kindergarten1620 (with an added teaching assistant)
Grades One2021
Grades Two to Six2022
Grades Seven to Nine2226

If the number of applicants for a grade exceeds the number of students set out in the guidelines above, the Head of School, in consultation with the Board, can pursue alternative arrangements, e.g., the possibility of adding teaching resources to a class, the accommodation of extra students, or the creation of an additional class for a particular grade.

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