Some Lakecrest students have severe allergies to peanuts and nut products. There are also a number of children with other allergies and sensitivities. For the individuals in question, contact with any form of the product could cause an anaphylactic reaction resulting in difficulty breathing, and possibly death in a very short time. Our faculty is regularly in-serviced on these emergency situations. It is important that parents let us know, in writing, when they become aware of an allergy their child has.

We ask that dogs and cats not be brought into the school thus avoiding any difficulties that may ensue. Please make anyone who would bring your child to school, or who would pack lunches for them aware of the peanut product alert and the need to keep pet hairs away from classes as much as possible.

We appreciate your consideration in this, and we know that it is literally not possible to prevent everything that might cause an allergic reaction or discomfort to people in the school. We will be mindful of the needs of our students and staff who may have allergies and sensitivities.


Except for inhalers and Epi-Pens, students should not normally keep medications in their desks, as others could accidentally gain access.

Only prescribed medications should be brought to school and these should be brought to the office for storage during the day.

If a parent cannot come to the school to administer the medication, please inform the office and we will try to arrange for someone to administer the medication. A note from parents must accompany the medications to tell the exact dosage and timing of the administration of it. The labels do not always tell us all we need to know.   If unique situations arise, please contact the office.

The school cannot distribute to students drugs like Tylenol or other non-prescription drugs due to the possibility of sensitivities to these substances and the lack of medical supervision in the administration of them.

School Access

All school access is monitored during the school day and afterhours. The front door of the school is used for all entry and exit by parents and students. The front door is on a timed opening and closing electronic device. This provides for both access and security as required during the school day.

All other doors are locked from the outside. All visitors must check/register with the school office before going into the school.

Security Checks

All new full-time and part-time teachers, staff and non-parent volunteers who work in the school on a regular basis shall be required to submit a Certificate of Conduct from the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary or, in the case of people not recently resident in Newfoundland, from the jurisdiction in which they last resided.

Public Health Nurse

Health and Community Services has assigned a Public Health Nurse to work with our school. The Public Health Nurse normally visits the school regularly. When immunization programs are conducted by Health and Community Services, the Public Health Nurse contacts parents to provide information on these programs and to seek parental consent for their child to be included. Parents re-locating to St. John’s should bring copies of their children’s immunizations records to the school.

Lost and Found

From time to time, articles left around the school are collected and placed in the Lost and Found bins. Periodically, these Lost and Found articles are displayed on a table for students and parents to check and retrieve. Articles not claimed within a reasonable time are donated to local charities. It is a great help when the student’s name or initials are either sewed onto the clothing or printed on the tab of the shirt or pants.

Field Trips

As part of the enriched educational experience, Lakecrest encourages teachers to take advantage of the wide variety of resource persons and places of relevance which abound in our local community. Parents are asked to sign a general field trip waiver form at the beginning of each year to cover all field trips for that year. Excursions lasting more than one day will require the completion of other permission forms.

Fire and Lockdown Drills

Each year the school will conduct Fire and Lockdown Drills in order to familiarize students and teachers with procedures needed to ensure safety in the case of an emergency.

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