Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)


Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS)

Lakecrest over the previous three years has prepared a detailed internal evaluation report guided by  Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS) standards. This report and subsequent school visit determine the accreditation status of a school.  Please see below an excerpt from the CAIS website which outlines the accreditation process.

CAIS Accreditation

In Canada, education is provincially mandated, and CAIS Schools are required to meet Ministry requirements. However, CAIS schools provide more.  Our National Standards and Procedures are congruent with the internationally accepted criteria and model core standards adopted by the NAIS International Commission on Accreditation and updated annually based on current research and exceptional practices. The Standards Council of the Board reviews and approves all changes to the Accreditation Guidelines.

The process includes an Internal Evaluation conducted by all members of the school itself; this process contributes to the school’s commitment to excellence and on-going improvement. The essence of this process is that the school examines all aspects of its programs and operations, seeking to discover its strengths, weaknesses, and future strategic plans, examining how well its program fulfils its mission, and measuring itself against the Standards.

A Visiting Committee, working from the school’s Internal Evaluation, spends four days in the school meeting with the entire community including students, staff, parents and Board members. The Visiting Committee observes classes and all other activities of the school.  This is a peer-review process, which means that the Visiting Committee Members are from schools with similar missions and values.  The team challenges the school to reflect on how they can make improvements, for CAIS values a commitment to excellence.

The CAIS Board makes all accreditation decisions.  The accreditation process ensures an arm’s length evaluation of the school and enables each school to be more accountable to all of its constituents.

Schools which have completed a CAIS Evaluation invariably find that the processes of school improvement and the setting of strategic goals and directions are greatly enhanced by accreditation.”

For Lakecrest the above included preparation of a report with input from teachers, Board members, parents, and students. Thank you to Board members, parents, committee chairs, and teachers. Special thanks to Ms. King, CAIS coordinator, who worked with the school administration to organize and assemble the input and write the final report. Also thanks to Ms. Spurvey and who helped with the assembly of the required documents.

Submission of the report was followed by a school evaluation team visit in November 2014. The team consisted of five independent school administrators, four from Ontario and one from Nova Scotia.  The final visiting team report was then reviewed by the CAIS Board of Directors.

Lakecrest has recently been notified that accreditation has been achieved. Lakecrest is the only independent school in Newfoundland and Labrador with CAIS accreditation. This tremendous effort ensures that Lakecrest continues to be an educational leader in Newfoundland and Labrador, and Canada.

Please review the letter from Dr. Roger Chafe, Board Chairperson, with additional details and information from the CAIS accreditation notification.

Congratulations to all who contributed in any way to the achievement of this milestone for Lakecrest.


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