Lakecrest Grade 10 commencing September 2017

Lakecrest Independent School
High School Program

Open to current Lakecrest students and new students applying to the Grade 10 class for 2017/2018

In September of 2017 Lakecrest Independent school plans to introduce the Lakecrest High School Program with the first Grade 10 class
The provincial high school program provides options for course selection and the best options have been selected. Courses will reflect a mixture of advanced academic challenge, and opportunities to explore other electives which are of a more experiential nature.
Program overview
Lakecrest High School will be a university/college preparatory institution providing an enriched and innovative approach to secondary school teaching and learning.
In addition to high school courses required for graduation, programs will be available in technology, athletics, music, and fine arts. Lakecrest classes will be smaller and will provide the opportunity for students to request certain elective courses/programs and have them available on an individual basis.
As an independent school, Lakecrest is also establishing partnerships with community professional organizations which will provide for students innovative ways to achieve provincial and enriched standards. Changes in the junior high program academic program, many of which have already taken place, provide the foundation for this new high school program.
There will also be many other opportunities to continue learning outside of the classroom, including completion of certain academic requirements, leadership, and service activities. Extracurricular activities and clubs provided by Lakecrest teachers and other coaches will be provided.
Lakecrest High School will provide a personalized university preparatory program for each student. Capitalizing on a variety of learning and extracurricular opportunities, personal and social development will also be enhanced for each student.
The Lakecrest High School Day and the Academic/Personal Advisor
The school day at Lakecrest will provide a mature environment for students. While checks and balances will continue, the overall program design and daily experience will reflect the needs of a high school student.
During each of the three years of high school, students will be assigned an academic and personal advisor from the teaching faculty. Regularly scheduled meetings with their advisor will ensure that the overall academic progress of each student is reviewed, with the advisor. Individual conversations about other aspects of their personal growth will also be encouraged.
In consultation with their advisor each student will develop personal goals at the beginning of the school year and revisit them regularly during advisor meetings.
The following features will be included in the high school day for each student:
1. A separate lunch and cafeteria schedule. This will provide for a more relaxed environment and access to a larger variety of cafeteria food, microwaves and more student choice.
2. Grade 10,11 and 12 students will be permitted to leave the school each lunchtime with parent permission.
3. The high school Lakecrest uniform will provide a variety of choices for daily wear. The 2017/18 grade 10 class will have the opportunity to help outline the main parts of the uniform. It is currently understood that high school students will wear a blazer, rather than a cardigan.
4. Attendance will be taken for each class, rather than am/pm recording.
5. Each of the three years will include a student internship. These will be established with various scientific, business, medical and other organizations in the city. Students will have the opportunity to fulfill some of the subject requirements in 4-6 week placements. The grade 10 internship for the 17/18 class is described more fully in the academic program section.
6. At least one excursion will be planned each year for high school students. This will include opportunity for service activities, and student leadership institutes in Canada and internationally. With implementation of grade 10, 11 and 12, Lakecrest students will be able to take advantage of various institutes provided by the Canadian Accredited Independent Schools. Competitions for various athletics, leadership institutes and many other gatherings of high school students are held during each school year in various parts of Canada. Interactions with students from private/independent schools from across the country will provide many opportunities for personal and social development.
High School Curriculum

Lakecrest high school students will complete specific course/credit requirements to earn a NL provincial graduation diploma. Students must accumulate a minimum of 36 high school credits to graduate. Required courses at Lakecrest will include those needed for university entrance, rather than just the minimum required for provincial graduation.
Depending on the elective courses selected, each student’s school day may look different. There will be elective choices provided to the first group of grade 10 students. Elective courses available to students in the first grade 10 year will be determined in consultation with those students and parents to ensure that individual interests are considered in scheduling.
.As a postsecondary preparatory school, Lakecrest will continue the accelerated curriculum for mathematics and language arts into the high school program.
Advanced Placement courses, from the College Board of the United States and Memorial University concurrent studies options will be explored for grade 12 students. These opportunities will ensure that for those students who wish, post-secondary credits can be obtained while in grade 12 at Lakecrest. This option will also provide for students exposure to a larger educational institution, post-secondary academic standards, and an introduction to university life.
A preliminary list of the grade 10, 11 and 12 required courses is attached in the Lakecrest three-year high school plan. Elective courses will be identified during the 16/17 year as each grade 9 student is interviewed with parents to determine the preferred offerings.
Academic Internships
An important part of the high school program for Lakecrest students will be at least one academic internship for each of the three years of high school. Plans are currently underway for the first grade 10 internship in science and technology. Discussions with the Ocean Advance Organization are currently underway. This organization provides learning opportunities which fulfill outcomes in various areas of the high school curriculum. The link to the organization is Further details about the choices that will be available to the first grade ten class in the areas of science and technology will be outlined soon.
Internships will include:
1. Completion of specific subject area outcomes in the areas of science, language arts, social studies and entrepreneurship.
2. Opportunities for student placements with various organizations in the St. John’s area to experience and contribute to the actual day to day activities of the organization. In consultation with the on-location internship mentors and Lakecrest teachers, students will be assigned responsibilities and will contribute to the productivity of the organization. These sessions can include several shorter term, assignments on site, or can include a longer period of time working with an organization.
3. Students will be assessed on the achievement of the subject area outcomes assigned to their internship and their contribution to the overall work of the organization.
Other Optional Programs / Education
As the junior high population moves through the 10-12 grades areas of interest, not usually part of a high school program of studies, will be available. These “courses” will be provided so that students may opt to complete them or decide to use the time for “study hall” or other elective programs.
The following areas include:
Driver Education Classes and possible certification
First Aid Courses and Certifications
Babysitting Courses
Computer Coding / Gaming courses
Peer Tutoring and Counselling programs
Advanced Orchestra / Voice /Choral Program
Financial Literacy Education
Duke of Edinburgh Program
Hockey Skills Canada Program
Students in grades 10-12 will be contacted to determine the interest in these programs and time in the schedule will be provided to complete them with certified trainers/teachers.


The high school program will form the foundation of the high school Lakecrest experience. The main elements will include:

1. A diverse set of elective courses to meet the needs of all students.
2. A strong academic foundation which will focus on university or college preparedness
3. New extracurricular opportunities for high school students
4. Recognition that high school days must be structured differently for students who are more mature and more responsible.
5. Opportunities to develop new friendships through community internships, mentorships, membership in area youth clubs and Canadian students from other CAIS accredited schools.
6. Continued personal development with assigned mentor teachers who have both an understanding of and formal training in how to deliver “enrichment activities” for the best benefit of students.

Lakecrest will always maintain close communication with parents to ensure that the best opportunity to prepare for post-secondary is provided for each student.

Please do feel free to request an information meeting, should there be any questions about the information provided herein or if there is an interest in applying to Lakecrest for the high school program.