Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter June 11, 2017

Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter

June 11, 2017


Thanks from Mr. Pittman


I guess the comments and questions from our youngest students are most telling. Several of the grade kindergarten students have asked, “Mr. Pittman are you 100 yet?”. A grade one student mentioned to me the other day “I know why you are leaving Lakecrest – you are too old”. So there it is, the truth from the grade kindergartens and ones. The honesty of our youngest students!


I would like to thank all Lakecrest parents for the wonderful evening on Monday, past. I very much appreciate the kind words and wishes. Thanks to Mr. Liam O’Brien, Mr. Roger Chafe, Mr. Farid Miri, Ms. Lisa Dove and Ms. Gina Parsons for their kind words. Being Head of School at Lakecrest has been a privilege and a wonderful experience. The support of all Boards of Directors and Home and School over the six years has helped so much in the development of the school.


Lakecrest is now in a special place.  It is ready to start the next exciting chapter in development and growth. All the best to Lakecrest families and teachers into the future.


Lakecrest student Heritage Fair Winner  – History Canada Society Young Citizens video


Let’s support Elizabeth Clarke !


Starting Monday, people can begin to vote in the national competition for Young Citizen’s videos. This is a national competition. Lakecrest student Elizabeth Clarke was chosen at the recent regional Heritage Fair to submit a video of her project. She could win a trip to Ottawa in the fall.


“Online voting will be available as of 9:00 am on Monday, June 12 (Eastern Time). To vote, visit and click on the “vote” button, found on your profile page. This button will not be visible until the first voting day. You will need a valid email address and will only be able to vote once for each video that you wish to support per email. Voting will remain open until 11:59 pm (Eastern Time) on July 7, 2017. The 13 Young Citizens with the highest number of votes will be selected. A panel of judges will determine the remaining 13 recipients based on the program rubric.”


Information about upcoming activities from Ms. Carroll

( includes 3 attachments)

Sports Day

  • June 19th is Sports Day!!! For a fresh change, Lakecrest will be going to the Summit Recreation Center in the morning, and the Pearlgate Track and Field in the afternoon. Students will be bused to the site and returned by bus for regular dismissal.
  • Students are to wear their gym uniformsfor the day, bring swim suits and indoor sneakers for the Summit and outdoor sneakers for the Track and Field.
  • The Pool has about 16 life jacketsof various sizes. If your child needs a life jacket, you may bring your own or try one of the jackets at the pool. Parents should ensure that their child is properly fitted with a life jacket if they are to wear one. Personal floatation equipment is also permitted such as inflatable wings etc. However, if your child can not swim, we ask that you accompany your child in the pool or arrange for someone to go with them. Older siblings are certainty permitted to be with children who cannot swim.
  • Sun screen and hats, warmer coats and layers may be appropriate according to the weather.
  • Students will also need to bring their ownpacked lunch, snacks and water bottles. It will be a full long day, so please ensure that they will have their water bottles and have them labeled.

We will need parent volunteers especially for the swimming and changeroom help for the younger students. We will also need volunteers for the events at the Track & Field. Please inform Ms. Carroll if you can volunteer for any portion of the day.  Please return signed permission slips by Friday, June 16th.


2) Athletic Program Luncheon

  • On Tuesday, June 20th, at 12:00pm, there will be an Athletic Luncheon for students who participated on any of our school teams this past year. Parents and family members of the athletes are also invited to attend the luncheon and Awards Assembly that will follow the lunch.
  • Tickets for the Luncheon are $10 each and may be purchased at the office ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY, JUNE 14th at 3:30pm.
  • The Awards Assembly portion is free of charge and open to the whole Lakecrest community, family and friends.The Assembly will begin at 1:00pm.
  • Awards will be given for all Sports programs as well as the Awards for Athletes of the Year
  • Guest Speaker Jeremy Kavanagh from Xtreme Hockeywill give a presentation on our new hockey program for next year. We are really excited about the possibilities of this program!
  • There will also be information regarding all of our sports programs for next year.

3) Grade 9 LaManche Camping Trip


The grade 9 Students will be going to LaManche Provincial Park from Thursday to Friday , June 15th – 16th. Parents will receive an email from the Parent Rep for the class. Please return the permission slips by Wednesday, June 14th.


4) Track & Field


There is Twilight Meet #3 Wednesday Evening at 6:30 for grades 3 – 9. Any students interested in competing please email Ms. Carroll by Tuesday, June 13th, lunchtime to register.


Saturday June 17th is TRACKFEST. If any students in grades 3 – 6 would like to participate, please email Ms. Carroll by Tuesday, June 13th, lunchtime to register for the event. Any students who participate in this event receive a TRACKFEST t-shirt!!!


5) This Monday is the final Monday for afterschool Badminton.

This Tuesday is the final day for afterschool Track & Field.

Basketball has concluded for the year.


5).        Basketball has ended for the year

This Monday is the final Monday for afterschool Badminton.

This Tuesday is the final day for afterschool Track & Field.




Lakecrest Yearbook Update – An update from the Yearbook Committee


The cost of the 2016/17 Lakecrest Yearbook supplement is only $10 US (and the deadline for ordering the supplement will be August 10th).

To order the supplement for end of year events:

Log on to and type in “Lakecrest” under “Find your School” (top right-hand corner).

Select the Lakecrest 2017 Supplement.  You can use the login information you used to purchase the yearbook from this year.

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact Laura Broussard at


Lakecrest Calendar –June 2017

(Please note “*” indicating changes/updates from the previous calendar)

Date Day Event
June 12-13 Junior High Exams Continue
13 Tuesday Orchestra Rehearsal (3:00 p.m.)

Grade 7-9 Parent meeting with the new Head of School, Ms. Hollinshead.

(7:00 p.m. in the school library)

14 Wednesday Grade 9 Provincial Testing

Creative Writing/Non-fiction Reading

Grade 9 Lunch with Mr. Pittman

Grade 6 PYP Exhibition

Orchestra Concert Rehearsal @1:00 p.m.

15-16 Grade 9 Overnight Excursion (Lamonche)
16 Friday Kindergarten Graduation Exercises

1:00 p.m.

Payments for orchestra and sectionals due today. – Thank you.

19 Monday Lakecrest Sports Day
20 Tuesday Lakecrest Orchestra/Sectional Concert (9:30 a.m.)

Lakecrest Athletic Program Luncheon

(Team members banquet) 12:00 noon

Lakecrest Athletic Awards Assembly

(1:00 p.m.)

21 Wednesday Lakecrest Academic Awards Assembly

Year-end Report Cards

Lunchtime dismissal at 11:30 a.m.


22-23 Administrative/ Teacher In-service Days.