Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter March 28, 2017

Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter
March 28, 2017

Yearbook Photos for teams, groups etc. Wednesday

This Wednesday, March 29th, photos of the various teams and clubs etc. will be taken for the yearbook. Students who have athletic team uniforms are asked to please bring them to school so they can change into them for their team photo.
Athletic teams and other groups will be called to the gym during the school day for the photos.

Junior High Final Exams – Slight adjustment

Parents of junior high students please note that there has been a slight adjustment to the junior high exam timeline. The exams will start one day earlier on Wednesday, 7th June. This change is to provide for the intermediate provincial test on Wednesday, June 14th.

Orchestra/Beginners sectionals and French Immersion Invoices

Parents whose children participating in the school orchestra, beginner’s sectionals and or French Immersion afterschool program are asked to please ensure that the most recent invoices are paid up to date. Thanks to parents who support the participation of their children in the sectional and orchestra groups.

Multicultural Day at Lakecrest – March 31 _ A note from Ms. Parsons

Dear Parents,
As you know, on Friday, March 31, Lakecrest Independent School will be holding its fourth Multicultural Day. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all families who have graciously come forward to contribute food and their culinary skills to this event. A big thanks also goes out to those who are willing to share a cultural connection with our students during the morning session.
With Multicultural Day fast approaching, we are still seeking individuals who would like to participate by contributing food samples for our food fair.
If there are any remaining families who would still like to contribute food to this fabulous event, please email Ms. Parsons ( or Ms. Cowley ( or submit the attached form to Ms. Gillingham by Tuesday, March 28, 2017.
Thank you for your consideration,
The Multicultural Day Committee

Lakecrest Calendar – March 2017
(Please note “*” indicating changes/updates from the previous calendar)
Date Day Event
March 28
Tuesday RNC STRIVE presentation
Grade 7 at 10:30
Grade 8 and 9 at 1:00 p.m.
31 Friday *Leadership Team assembly – 1:00 p.m.
Multicultural Fair
April 3-7 Europe Excursion – Grades 8/9
5 Wednesday Grade 2 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
7 Friday Last Day classes before vacation
10-21 Spring Vacation
24 Monday First Day classes after vacation
All Science Challenge – Grade 8
26-28 St. Pierre Excursion – Grade 7 class.
May 10 Wednesday Grade 6 PYP assembly + 7-9 assembly
11 Thursday Public Speaking Evening -Grades 4-9 only
18 Thursday Grade 9 Junior High Graduation
25-27 The Little Mermaid – confirmed date
25 Thursday Grades 3 and 6 Provincial Test
Non fiction reading
26 Friday Grades 3 and 6 Provincial Test
Persuasive writing
29 Monday Grades 3 and 6 Provincial Test
Fiction reading
30 Tuesday Grades 3 and 6 Provincial Test
Creative Writing
June 7-13 Junior High Exams
14 Wednesday Grade 9 Provincial Testing
Creative Writing/Non-fiction Reading
15-16 Grade 9 Overnight Excursion (Lamonche)