Parent Newsletter March 12, 2017

Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter
March 12, 2017

Multicultural Day at Lakecrest – March 31

Parents have received a separate e-mail about plans for the Multicultural day at Lakecrest on March 31.
Information about the activities and a form for those parents who would be willing to help are also attached to this memo. Thanks to Ms. Parsons and the committee for organizing this event.
As an International Baccalaureate World School, this activity is an important part of the school “Mission”.

“To develop internationally minded learners and leaders, in an educational community of excellence.”

Senior Boys Basketball Game today at Lakecrest

The Lakecrest Boys Basketball team has a game Sunday, this afternoon, against St. Bon’s. The game starts at 2:00 p.m. Good luck to the team.

Grades 2, 5 and 8 cross country skiing on Monday, March 13 ,

Plans are still in place for students in grades 2, 5, and 8 to spend Monday, March 13, at Pippy Park. Parents are reminded that students need to have appropriate clothing, snacks and lunch.
Students and parents are asked to please return permission slips.

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) and Monday School Holiday (March 20)

On Friday, March 17th Lakecrest students will be encouraged to wear “dress down” green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Monday, March 20th will be a school holiday for St. Patrick’s Day.

Kangaroo Math Reminder

The Math Kangaroo Contest is taking place on Sunday March 26th at Memorial University. Math Kangaroo takes place all over the world and is an opportunity for students to test and hone their math skills outside of the school environment. Contest content (grades 1 through 12) is covered in the Provincial Math Curriculum. Problems require creativity, logical thinking or a different perspective. Here in lies the challenge.
You can read more about the contest here in detail:

If you would like to register your child please contact Ms. Zinterl at

Lakecrest Calendar – March 2017
(Please note “*” indicating changes/updates from the previous calendar)
Date Day Event
March 13 Monday Cross Country Skiing/Snowshoeing (Grades 2,5,8 -all day)
14 Tuesday Grade 7 and 8 Geo-Centre Activity (AM)
16 Thursday Kindergarten Orientation 2017/2018 Class
(9:00-2:45 p.m.)
17 Friday St. Patrick’s Day – Wear Green to school – Dress Down
20 Monday St. Patrick’s Day School Holiday
24 Friday Lakecrest Science Fair
26 Sunday Kangaroo Math Competition for interested students
29 Wednesday Grade 1 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
31 Friday Multicultural Fair
April 3-7 Europe Excursion – Grades 8/9
5 Wednesday Grade 2 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
10-21 Spring Vacation
24 Monday All Science Challenge – Grade 8
26-28 St. Pierre Excursion – Grade 7 class.
May 10 Wednesday Grade 6 PYP assembly + 7-9 assembly
11 Thursday Public Speaking Evening -Grades 4-9 only
18 Thursday Grade 9 Junior High Graduation
25-27 The Little Mermaid – confirmed date
June 8-14 Junior High Exams
15-16 Grade 9 Overnight Excursion (Lamonche)