Parent Newsletter March 20, 2017

Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter
March 20, 2017


Dear Lakecrest Parents,

I am so pleased to announce that our newly renovated library is ready for opening! It was a much longer process than initially anticipated, but I think it has given us a more usable and updated space. Many thanks to our wonderful Home and School Association who do so much for our school and made this renovation possible. Also, much gratitude to SAM Design and Susan Drover for your design suggestions and support throughout this process. I look forward to the library’s grand opening this coming Wednesday where I can finally share the library with the students. I hope that some of you can find an opportunity to pop in soon to take a look.

Warm Regards,
Sherry Reid-Paul

Department of Education – High School Approval for Lakecrest

Last week Lakecrest received a letter from Honorable Dale Kirby, Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development, indicating he had received our application to establish a High School program. The program is scheduled to start with Grade 10 in September 2017. The application was approved by Minister Kirby and he also sent best wishes to Lakecrest with this initiative.

Terry Fox Foundation

Last week Lakecrest received a letter from the Terry Fox Foundation thanking the school for ongoing support over the last ten years. The school has contributed $24,487.85 over ten years – a tremendous contribution. An excerpt from the letter is provided below:

“The Terry Fox Foundation would like to take this opportunity to thank Lakecrest Independent School for the $24,487.85 you raised over your ten years of participation in the Terry Fox run. Your school continues to play an important role in the honoring Terry’s legacy and contributing to cancer research each year.”

Thank you to past and present parents, students, and teachers who have supported this Foundation at Lakecrest.

Orchestra/Beginners sectionals and French Immersion Invoices

Parents whose children participating in the school orchestra, beginner’s sectionals and or French Immersion afterschool program are asked to please ensure that the most recent invoices are paid up to date by Friday 24th March. Invoices sent in January should now be paid in full.

If there are any errors in the invoices due to changes in attendance arrangements, please notify Ms. Parsons ( or Mr. Pittman (

Grade K-6 Parents – Student Led Conference Feedback
A note from Ms. Dove Major – PYP Coordinator

Last week Grade K-6 parents participated with their child in a “student led conference”. This included a review of each student portfolio with their parent. We would like to hear from parents about how the experience helped them understand their child’s achievement at Lakecrest. All Grade K-6 parents are asked to please complete the attached short survey and return it to the school as indicated.
Thanks, in advance to those parents who provide this valuable feedback as we continue work with our International Baccalaureate Program at Lakecrest.

Multicultural Day at Lakecrest – March 31

Parents have received an e-mail about plans for the Multicultural day at Lakecrest on March 31.
Information about the activities and a form for those parents who would be willing to help are attached to this e-mail. Thanks to Ms. Parsons and the committee for organizing this event.

Kangaroo Math Reminder

The Math Kangaroo Contest is taking place on Sunday March 26th at Memorial University. Math Kangaroo is an opportunity for students to test and hone their math skills outside of the school environment. Contest content (grades 1 through 12) is covered in the Provincial Math Curriculum. Problems require creativity, logical thinking or a different perspective.
You can read more about the contest here in detail:
If you would like to register your child please contact Ms. Zinterl at

Lakecrest Calendar – March 2017
(Please note “*” indicating changes/updates from the previous calendar)
Date Day Event
March 20 Monday St. Patrick’s Day School Holiday
23 Thursday Grade 9 meeting with IB, Diploma Program coordinator from Holy Heart at Lakecrest 1:00 p.m. (Gr. 9 parents invited)
24 Friday Lakecrest Science Fair
26 Sunday Kangaroo Math Competition for interested students
31 Friday *Leadership Team and Grade 1 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
Multicultural Fair
April 3-7 Europe Excursion – Grades 8/9
5 Wednesday Grade 2 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
7 Friday Last Day classes before vacation
10-21 Spring Vacation
24 Monday First Day classes after vacation
All Science Challenge – Grade 8
26-28 St. Pierre Excursion – Grade 7 class.
May 10 Wednesday Grade 6 PYP assembly + 7-9 assembly
11 Thursday Public Speaking Evening -Grades 4-9 only
18 Thursday Grade 9 Junior High Graduation
25-27 The Little Mermaid – confirmed date
June 8-14 Junior High Exams
15-16 Grade 9 Overnight Excursion (Lamonche)