Parent Newsletter – March 5, 2017

Lakecrest Independent School – Parent Newsletter
March 5, 2017

“The Little Mermaid” – update

Please reserve a “family and friends” evening/afternoon for “The Little Mermaid” musical on May 25, 26(evenings) and 27(matinee).

We are pleased to announce that this production will take place at the new Majestic Theatre on Duckworth Street. This theatre has, after extensive redevelopment and renovation, just recently become available for rental. The cast and audience will have an opportunity to enjoy the musical in a professional theatre setting. Tickets will be available soon. Parking will be available in the nearby parking garages.

As Ms. Warren, the cast and parent volunteers continue to prepare for this production we wish them the best.

Senior Boys’ Basketball Game Today

Our Grade 6-9 Boys’ Basketball Team has a game today, Sunday, with Beaconsfield Junior High at 2:00 p.m. Good luck to Mr. Darcy and the Boy’s team. – Go Lakecrest Lightning!

Grade K-6 Student Led Conferences– March 9

Parents are invited by their children to the Lakecrest “Student Led Conferences”. These are part of the student assessment process in every International Baccalaureate World School. The assessment and student reflections discussed during portfolio reviews are an important component of the personalized and individualized IB education for each student.

Student led conferences will be on Thursday, March 9, from 1:00-4:00 p.m. and 5:00-7:00 p.m. During the Student Led Conference sessions child care services will be provided in the cafeteria, for those parents who have more than one child attending K-6. We therefore request that families with more than one K-6 child please attend the conferences individually with each child.

There will be no school for K-6 students in the afternoon on March 9. Grade 7-9 classes will continue as usual.

Starting on Monday, March 6, grade K-6 parents please e-mail Ms. Gillingham to arrange for your child’s conference.

All K-6 students will have a Student Led Conference, but for those students who would benefit from a more traditional parent/teacher conference, teachers will contact parents to make those arrangements separately. Parents may also request such a conference at any time.

School Uniforms

Parents and students are reminded that all students are expected to wear their school uniform. The regular academic, full dress academic and athletic uniform information was sent last week. Thank you to parents and students for ensuring that the school uniform policy is supported each school day.

Library Storage Boxes Available for parents

We are currently restocking the books in our new library. This process should be completed in the next week. The many books and library resources had been stored in packing boxes of various sizes. These are no longer needed, thus any parent who would like to have these boxes please contact Ms. Reid-Paul to arrange for pickup.
Many thanks to Ms. Reid-Paul and those volunteer parents who are helping with this re-stocking process.

Lost and Found Table -February 27-March 10 (extended)

There is a “lost and found” items table in the front entrance of the school. Parents and/or students who have misplaced items are asked to please check this week. The table currently has pairs of new skates and helmets, school cardigans, and athletic wear etc. There are also many pairs of uniform shoes and gym footwear. If any of these have been lost/misplaced by your family in recent months, please feel free to check.
The items remaining by Friday, March 10 will be donated to a charity.

Grades 2, 5 and 8 cross country skiing on Monday, March 13 (NEXT WEEK).

A reminder that students in grades 2, 5, and 8 will be skiing and snowshoeing for the day on Monday, March 13, at Pippy Park.
Students and parents are asked to please return permission slips. These are still available at the school.

St. Patrick’s Day (17 March) and Monday School Holiday (March 20)

On Friday, March 17th Lakecrest students will be encouraged to wear “dress down” green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Monday, March20th will be a school holiday for St. Patrick’s Day.

Lakecrest Calendar – February 2017
(Please note “*” as these indicate changes/updates from the previous calendar)
Date Day Event
March 6 Monday *DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education)
presentation for Grade 6 (AM)
RNC Constable Schwartz
7 Tuesday K-6 Term 1 Reports for Parents
(Linked to the student led conferences on Thursday)
8 Wednesday Grade 3 PYP assembly/Student Awards (K-6)
9 Thursday K-6 Term 1 Student Led Conferences
(1:00-4:00, 5:00-7:00 p.m.)
10 Friday Grade 1 to House of Assembly and Government House (How we Organize Ourselves Unit Activity)
13 Monday Cross Country Skiing/Snowshoeing (Grades 2,5,8 -all day)
14 Tuesday Grade 7 and 8 Geo-centre Activity
16 Thursday Kindergarten Orientation 2017/2018 Class
(9:00-2:45 p.m.)
17 Friday St. Patrick’s Day – Wear Green to school
20 Monday St. Patrick’s Day School Holiday
24 Friday Lakecrest Science Fair
26 Sunday Kangaroo Math Competition for interested students
29 Wednesday Grade 1 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
31 Friday Multicultural Fair
April 3-7 Europe Excursion – Grades 8/9
5 Wednesday Grade 2 PYP assembly – 1:00 p.m.
10-21 Spring Vacation
24 Monday All Science Challenge – Grade 8
26-28 St. Pierre Excursion – Grade 7 class.
May 10 Wednesday Grade 6 PYP assembly + 7-9 assembly
11 Thursday Public Speaking Evening -Grades 4-9 only
18 Thursday Grade 9 Junior High Graduation
25-27 The Little Mermaid – confirmed date
June 8-14 Junior High Exams
15-16 Grade 9 Overnight Excursion (Lamonche)