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Did you know?
Approximately one quarter of our families have come to St. John's from different locations in the international oil industry including the United States, England, Scotland and Norway, among others.

Weather Closing Procedures

When it is necessary to cancel classes and close school for the day due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, we send a school announcement to the following local radio stations:

  • VOCM (590 on the AM band)
  • CBC (640 on the AM band)
  • OZFM (94.7 on the FM band)
  • K-Rock (97.5 on the FM band)
  • Hits (99.1 on the FM band)
  • Coast (101.1 on the FM band)

We will also post an announcement on the school website and send a group email when possible.

When there is a heavy snowfall or storm warning we follow the forecasts and check outside early in the morning. As you can appreciate, Newfoundland weather is quite unpredictable and weather forecasts are quite a challenge. We will make the best decision we can with the information we have. We call radio stations only if we are closing.

If school closes during the day, after classes have begun, we will make an announcement on the radio. We will attempt to contact all parents by phone so they can arrange to have their children picked up from school as soon as possible.