Team Baccalieu

Baccalieu, home of the puffins, focuses on acceptance, respect and the individuality of one another. Collectively, we decided to name the house Baccalieu because Baccalieu has one of the extraordinary lighthouses in Newfoundland. The Baccalieu lighthouse is most known for their bird population and the official bird of Newfoundland is the puffin.

The puffin symbolizes freedom and not restricted to one idea or situation. This house does not focus on one perspective or idea; this house configures various perspectives and ideas to create the best solution. Baccalieu is about the inclusion of all ideas among all team members, leaving no puffin excluded.

House Cheer

“We’ve got spirit tried and true. We’ve got spirit, how about you? We’ve got spirit, yes we do. We’ve got the spirit because we’re Baccalieu. Ba ba ba, ba Baccalieu! Ba ba ba, ba Baccalieu! Ba ba ba, ba Baccalieu!” 

Baccalieu House Achievements for 2017-2018:
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive (2nd place)
  • Multicultural Day Activities (2nd place)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Challenge (2nd place)