Team Brigus

In Newfoundland, Brigus is a small fishing community located in Conception Bay where the population is around 750 so it’s pretty small. Brigus is known for their Annual Blueberry Festival, but Brigus is also known for their hiking trails.

Brigus house members are strong, brave and loyal leaders that bring a beautiful spirit to all. The bear – Brigus’ animal symbol – represents being bold, tough and the wisest warriors. Red can describe a lot of team Brigus. It is a representation of fire, power and passion. As a team, we will hike the mountain tops and go the distance to succeed.

House Chant

“We are Brigus. We are the light. We will all put up a fight. Go Brigus, Go Go Go Go!”

Brigus House Achievements 2017-2018:
  • St. Patrick Day Challenge (1st place)