Team Quirpon

Small but bright, quiet and determined, Quirpon is a group of very special and hardworking, feral dogs.

Quirpon was chosen for this house name as it is very unique. Quirpon is a small town and an island on the very tip of Newfoundland – only one place is more Northern. It is quaint and pretty with people from around the world admiring the uniqueness of this culture, art and lighthouse. This “artzy” area mirrors the talent and uniqueness of Team Quirpon.

Quirpon is bright and cheerful, similar to the house colour – yellow. This team loves to bring out the fun in everything, as well as to bring a smile to everyone’s face.  Quirpon is fairly quiet in comparison to the other groups, but this does not mean a lack of spirit. Quirpon strives to help others and by doing so, we pile up the house points.

Our mascot is a coyote – we can be a little competitive and we are extremely loyal to our pack.

House Cheer

“Howl at the moon. Howl at the moon. Aaoouuhh, Quirpon Coyotes!”

Quirpon House Achievements 2017-2018: