Team Ramea

The House of Ramea embodies what could be considered the overall spirit of a ram. From the outside, we can be viewed as very tough, brave, and persistent – willing to go head first into battle. Some may even say that we are overly competitive and prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. While this is apparent on the outside, we are very different within. The Ramea team are caring and supportive, always pushing each other to achieve higher goals to further ourselves as both individuals and as a house.

House Cheer

“Watch out, here we come. Ramea’s House is lots of fun. We will really shake you up, like a volcano that erupts. We will always be on top, number one we’ll never stop. GOOOO RAMEA!”

Ramea House Achievements for 2017-2018:
  • Thanksgiving Food Drive (1st place)
  • Coats for Kids Drive (1st place)
  • Christmas Food Drive (2nd place)
  • Multicultural Day Activities (1st place)
  • St. Patrick’s Day Challenge (1st place)