Student Support

As an independent, parent-run school, Lakecrest is not able to provide extensive ongoing support services to students with severe learning, behavioral or other difficulties; or even the same level of support for these issues as provided by schools in the public school system. However, when Lakecrest, at its sole discretion, determines that it can provide certain accommodations without compromising the quality of instruction offered to the other students in class, it will undertake to do this. If Lakecrest, at its sole discretion, concludes that it cannot provide the requisite changes in programming, it may be determined that the student will be better able to obtain the needed services in another educational environment.

While we try our best to work with the student and their family, Lakecrest reserves the right to review the enrollment of a student when it determines that it cannot meet that student’s educational needs. When a student requires educational assessment, it shall be the responsibility of the parents to obtain such testing. This educational assessment may indicate the need to provide accommodations or alterations in a student’s program. The need for Special Services may have been documented prior to a student’s enrollment at Lakecrest or these needs may become known after the student has begun school here. Notwithstanding the absence of special services, parents may wish to have their child remain at Lakecrest because of the inherent advantages such as class size, personal attention and nurturing culture. In such circumstances, the parents may seek the approval of the school to allow the student to remain at Lakecrest and if such approval is obtained, the student may remain at Lakecrest upon the parents providing to Lakecrest written acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms and conditions of this policy, including the condition that the school will not be held responsible for any outcomes resulting from the school’s inability to provide special educational services and supports.