The major emphasis of the Lakecrest science program is the development of process skills within the framework of an inquiry approach.

Specific topics serve as the context in which skills, understanding, and attitudes are developed. The program emphasizes hands-on investigation of science and the natural environment and extends students’ curiosity about their world around them.


The mathematics program develops and extends mathematical competencies through strategies such as manipulation, practice, graphing and drill. Another focus of the program centers on children’s ability to demonstrate their understanding by clearly describing the problem-solving strategies used. The students’ competencies will also be enhanced by regular exposure to and involvement with relevant and stimulating resources. There is a strong emphasis on relating mathematical concepts to students’ daily experiences. The program will foster within each learner a sense of accomplishment and success with numeration, operations, measurement, geometry and graphing.

Lakecrest Grade 6 to Grade 9 students are also exposed through enrichment sections to the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Mathematics program. This is a program for international students of mathematics and prepares students for international and national standardized testing. These resources include materials which are one to two years beyond provincial grade level mathematics outcomes.