At Lakecrest, we offer a diverse array of competitive and noncompetitive extracurricular sports after school, including but not limited to Cross Country Running, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Tennis, Badminton, K-3 sports skills program, and Track & Field. These activities not only foster physical fitness but also provide ample opportunities for students to meet and interact with their peers.

In addition to sports, we offer a range of other extracurricular activities. These may include, Chess Club, Science Club, Robotics, Library Helpers, Glee Club and Eco-Kids Club. These sessions typically run for a semester, allowing students to explore diverse interests and develop various skills.

We understand the importance of keeping parents and students informed. Each semester, a comprehensive outline of the available extracurricular activities is provided to our families. This ensures that parents and students can make informed choices about participation in these enriching and varied extracurricular experiences.

In addition to the ongoing extracurricular activities available to all students, a Lakecrest school year includes many special co-curricular grade level and school-wide events and activities as listed below

School Wide Activities

  • New family orientation activities
  • Dress Down Day
  • Student Council
  • Junior High Overnight Excursion
  • Junior High St. Pierre Excursion
  • Lakecrest Holiday Concert
  • Holiday Assembly
  • Terry Fox Walk
  • Thanksgiving Family Dinner
  • Jamamara Day for the Janeway Children’s Hospital
  • International Baccalaureate Primary Years Assemblies
  • Rotary and Kiwanis Music Festivals
  • Presentations by visiting authors
  • Halloween Activities
  • Student Spirit Week Activities
  • Remembrance Day Assembly
  • Robotics Instruction – junior high elective
  • Multicultural Day
  • Food Drives to support local food bank
  • “Hour of Code”– computer programming activity
  • School Recycling Program
  • Family Literacy Day
  • Pancake Day
  • Student Led Conferences
  • St. Patrick’s Day Activities
  • Public Speaking
  • Grade Level Orientations for new students
  • Volunteer Tea
  • Sports Day

Grade Level Co-curricular Activities

  • “The Rooms” museum
  • Colony of Avalon – Archaeological Dig
  • DARE Program
  • Author’s Tea
  • Floating Classroom Day
  • Senior Graduation
  • Kindergarten Graduation
  • Science Fair
  • Heritage Fair
  • NL Fluvarium
  • Johnson Geo Centre
  • St. John’s Council Chambers
  • NL Provincial Legislature
  • St. John’s Clean and Beautiful Art Competition