Tuition covers ALL school expenses except the uniform, optional lunches and on-site daycare. Books, pencils, most field trips and other costs are included in the tuition.

Payment is made in three installments. There is a $1000 deposit per student due on March 1st.  Half of the remaining balance is payable on May 1st and the remaining balance on October 1st. When students enroll after March 1st or after the school year has begun, the payment schedule is adjusted.

Other annual tuition payment arrangements may be available upon request.

First Child       Second Child       Third+ Child      
Self-Paying Families $9,900 $9,600 $4,500
Company-Paying Families/International Students  . $14,850 $14,850 $14,850

The Board of Directors approves the school budget and rates of tuition in the spring of each year for the following school year. Tuition revenues cover all of the budgeted operating costs of the school. The budget is based on the number of students confirmed enrolled in the school for the coming year.  Teacher assignments, textbook purchases and the normal expenses of running the school cannot be changed once the new school year begins.  We are not able to offer refunds of tuition if a child leaves the school during the school year.